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Real Property Development and Asset Management by PLP Partnerships

PLP Companies had their start some fifty years ago, when their principal partners started in the mid-1950's as builders who constructed mid-rise multi-family buildings and industrial warehouses in New York City for investment.  When the 1960's expansion of New York City's suburbs was in full swing, these principles started a single family homebuilding operation that by the late 1970's had produced over a dozen mid rise six story buildings, in excess of 1,500 homes, and laid the plans for the development of tens of acres of raw land, primarily in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York.  In the early 1980's, PLP's sights focused again on the inner city, and PLP structured tax-motivated partnerships, and thus, became a developer of low-income, inner city housing.  Again, with the wave of cooperative conversions in New York City, PLP followed suit with the conversion of rental housing to cooperative ownership in the mid-1980's.

As the Real Estate industry again changed focus in the 1990's, PLP concentrated on real property development, management and construction with an attention to the requirements of financial institutions and institutional asset managers.

As we move into the early 2000s’ PLP is a diversified real estate operation with the third generation of principals focused on various aspects in the Real Estate field including the ownership, development, operation, management and construction of a variety of projects.